7 Ways Packing Cubes Will Improve Your Next Trip

packing cubes
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  1. Find things easily. You are on a trip and decide to change into your favorite red shirt. You burrow through your luggage, frustrated, leaving your carefully-packed items in a wrinkled, disorganized pile that you will need to repack before you head home. Packing Cubes spare you this trouble - you know that red shirt was packed neatly in your medium grey packing cube, so you can grab it easily and go, saving time finding the shirt and avoiding a re-packing project at the end of your trip.
  2. Fit more. Roll items, then place in packing cubes - rolling clothes saves space on each item, and packing cubes allow you to make more use of space by keeping items organized and compressed.
  3. Never really unpack. Take packing cubes out of your luggage, flip the tops over, and set in a hotel drawer. Your items will stay organized, can be easily repacked (just re-close the cubes and put back in your suitcase), and your clothes never touch the hotel drawer.TW-group-1500-01
  4. Organize by person. Family trip? Use different color packing packing cubes for each family member, so you can consolidate into fewer suitcases while still staying organized.
  5. Organize by leg of the trip. Spending a few chilly days in London before heading to warmer Barcelona? Want to throw on something comfortable for your long plane ride home? Separate outfits for each portion of the trip into different packing cubes. You can use different colors here too - red for London, purple for Barcelona, and grey for comfortable travel days!
  6. Organize by type of item. You can also use different colored cubes to separate by type of clothing. For example, keep business clothes for your conference in one cube and casual outfits in another.
  7. Separate on the go. Designate a "laundry cube" to pack away dirty clothes during your trip to stay organized. You can even bring an extra cube for this purpose, perhaps a different color from the rest! Shopping on your trip? Bring an extra cube to help fit items that you purchase while away.
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