If You Love to BBQ, You Need These 5 Essential Accessories

5 Must-Have BBQ Accessories to Make Your Life Easier-eatsmart
Whether it’s a casual weeknight meal or a weekend gathering for friends and family, food just tastes better when it’s cooked over an open flame. Regardless of your BBQ skills, the following grilling accessories will help improve your summer cookouts and take the stress out of hosting a get-together. 5 Must-Have BBQ Accessories to Make Your Life Easier-eatsmart

5 Must-Have BBQ Accessories to Make Your Life Easier:

Elite Thermocouple Digital Food ThermometerEatSmart Elite Thermocouple Digital Food Thermometer | $34.95 It’s hard to tell if meat is cooked to a proper internal temperature by simply looking at it. Cooking foods to proper temperature cuts down on food borne illnesses. Step up your grill game with the Elite Thermocouple Digital Food Thermometer. InstaRead Technology means you get an accurate temperature in 7 seconds or less. The large 1.5″ LCD display has blue backlight making it easy to read in any light.

pro food scale eatsmartEatSmart Pro Digital Food Scale | $19.95

Burgers and kebabs will cook more evenly when they are equal in size. Ensure portions are correct by measuring them with your Pro Digital Food Scale. The Pro weighs up to 11lbs / 5kgs in 4 measurement modes: ounces, grams, pounds and kilograms. The Tare feature allows you to subtract weight of any bowl, container or subsequent ingredients.

Taylor-5873-Timer_OL-copyTaylor Super Loud Timer |$15.79

No matter how loud the party gets, you’ll never miss hearing this timer! Taylor’s Super Loud Timer is the loudest consumer timer on the market and it will ring continuously until shut off. It counts down from 23 hours, 59 minutes, and also counts up like a stopwatch. You can focus on enjoying your company, and let the timer focus on reminding you when your food is ready.

Carafe with StopperMako Carafe with Stopper | $25.00

No barbecue is complete without your favorite beverages. The Mako Carafe is an elegant way to serve your favorite beverages. The glass carafe has a wide mouth for easy, mess-free pouring and the stopper (included) helps beverages stay fresh.

rabbit-ice-bucket--scr-_4_Rabbit Double Wall Ice Bucket | $30.00

Don’t use the same ice in your cocktails that is in the cooler keeping drinks cold. Between bottles and cans being picked up and put down, the cooler can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria. Rabbit’s Double Wall Ice Bucket is a sanitary and practical solution. The ice bucket comes with a lid and tongs to remove cubes germ-free. The double wall construction prevents condensation and keeps ice cold for hours.

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