So what do you need a Kitchen Scale for?

EatSmart Products is a New Jersey family run business that we started back in 2005. Our ongoing goal is to bring high quality, affordable bathroom, kitchen and luggage scales to the online marketplace, backed by a strong commitment to outstanding customer service. It is what we do and we like to think we do it pretty well. Because we are an on-line retailer, customer reviews and feedback are crucial to the success of our business. Reading through every single review and feedback on a daily basis is a necessary task but can be somewhat tedious (especially with all of those 5 star reviews repeating themselves -LOL). From time to time, it can also be HILARIOUS! Our customers are certainly coming up with very unusual ways to use our products and these unique comments can be quite amusing. For example, our Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is a versatile home kitchen scale primarily used for weighing food/ingredients for portion control, cooking and baking. Our customers have given new meaning to the word “VERSATILE”! See below for just a few of the inventive uses they have devised for this product: “Arrived on time and scale works perfectly for my foster kittens!" "This scale is for measuring fries for Coney Night at American Legion. It works, no more else to say” "Very easy to use. My sister and I used it in a botanical dyeing project and weighed both cloth and beets, blackberries, and turmeric. It's great and did everything it said it would!” “I use the scales in weighing wine ingredients…It's efficient to alternate in grams, ounces, or pounds. This scale is a "must" for any serious wine maker. Cheers!” “Great scale with accurate measurements. Use this to weigh pizza dough for great homemade pizza. “The scale is light and easy to use. I can just put it in my tool box and bring it to the Farmer's Market to weigh and sell my veggies. I love the tare feature! Good product so far.” “Scale was purchased for CP soap making which requires measurements of pounds, ounces and grams. It works perfect and is easy to use. Great product!" SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST “Perfect for use to weigh my Ball Pythons, and the rats that I feed them. Thanks. Great customer server.” Can’t wait to see the FUN ways our fans will find to use our soon to be released EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale—a stainless steel addition to our kitchen scale line debuting in October 2012.

Personally, I think that it will be hard to beat the Ball Pythons—but time will tell…

About the Author: Maria Geronimo is the Public Relations Director at EatSmart Products.

What would you need a Kitchen Scale for? Please share!

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