11 Ways to Use Packing Cubes When Not Traveling

12 Ways to Use Packing Cubes When Not Traveling
You probably have packing down to a science thanks to your TravelWise Packing Cube System. The durable nylon multi-sized cubes allow you to compartmentalize your clothing and travel gear, while the mesh panel allows you to easily see what’s inside each cube. Packing cubes are an essential travel accessory for streamlining packing, keeping track of items, and maximizing luggage space. However, did you know that those same packing cubes you rely on to keep you organized when traveling can also help keep you organized at home and on the go? We all have a spot in our house or car that could use a bit more organization. Grab those cubes and keep reading for our top ideas on how to best utilize your packing cubes 24/7.

11 Ways to Use Packing Cubes When Not Traveling:

Organize your hall closet

Do you toss your winter gear in the closet until there is one huge messy pile? Organize hats, gloves, and scarves with a medium sized packing cube. No more searching around wondering where your favorite gear ended up.

Store gym bag essentials

Keep everything you need to get ready after a workout in the smallest packing cube. Toiletries, razor, makeup, etc. are all easily accessible for going to and from the shower after your gym session. The small cube keeps your gym bag neat and organized without weighing your bag down. Use a medium sized cube to store your workout clothes and to transport sweaty clothes back home. Store gym bag essentials-travelwisesmall-500x333

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Keep toys organized

No one likes stepping on Leggos or searching for doll clothing. A large packing cube can help you organize your child’s toys, keep your living area neat when they are finished playing, and protect your bare feet! The cube can be stored in a closet, under a bed, or behind the sofa!

Make a backup diaper bag

Babies and toddlers often need a complete change of clothing while you’re on the go. In your car, keep a spare outfit along with a pack of baby wipes and a few diapers tucked into the smallest packing cube for emergencies. If you have more than one little one, consider having different colored cubes for each child to help ease hectic situations when they arise.Make a backup diaper bag-packing-cubes

Store seasonal clothing

Not enough drawer space to store your winter and summer clothing? The largest packing cube is perfect for holding out of season outfits. The cubes can be stored under the bed or in a closet until you are ready to use them again. Throw bathing suits in one cube and shorts in another.

Organize office supplies

This is especially handy if you work at home or share office space. With limited space, files, papers, paper clips, and the like can take over your desk space. Reclaim your area and stay organized by grabbing your small or medium packing cube. It allows you to neaten up your space but still have your essentials right at your fingertips. Stack the cubes right into your desk drawer to declutter. Organize office supplies-travelwise

Store a car emergency kit

It’s good to have an emergency kit in your car. A medium-sized TravelWise cube is a great place to store snacks, a flashlight, bottled water, and a first aid kit. A bright color, such as our new lime green, pink or royal blue, are particularly easy to spot and grab.

Store bathroom accessories

Are you lacking storage space for your extra toiletries, medicine and first-aid items? Tucking your essentials into a small TravelWise packing cube can keep your counters clear. No more searching for that spare stick of deodorant!Store bathroom accessories-packing cubes

Create a permanent toiletries kit

Keep your toiletries separate from your belongings in the smallest packing cube. It’s the perfect size to hold all of your essentials. The top handle makes it easy to grab and carry into the bathroom with you. There’s no need to unpack all those toiletries, just unzip the cube and place in a vanity drawer or on a countertop. You most likely take the same toiletries with you each time you travel so why not organize your bag ahead of time.
Create a permanent toiletries kit with packing cubes Picture credit: The Berger Bungalow

Store pet accessories

Are you inundated with leashes, toys, collars, and doggie sweaters? A TravelWise Packing Cube is the perfect place to store the items you’re currently not using for your pooch. Fido’s own little “drawer” will keep his items on hand but out of sight.

Create an activity kit for kids

Whether you’re planning a car trip or have an appointment that will involve waiting, an activity kit will keep your kids occupied and happy. Stock the small or medium cube with books, stickers, and other fun items to keep your little ones busy. Store it in your car for those last-minute situations.
How to Pack an Emergency Stroller Kit for Disney-packing cubes Picture credit: Love JoLenn

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