8 Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Active Dad

2017 Father's Day Gift Ideas
Finding that perfect gift for Dad can be challenging. How do you say thanks to the man who’s always been there for you? Well, you can start with a gift that plays to his interests or makes his life simpler. Whether your Dad likes to man the grill, enjoy a cold craft beer, watch the weather, or is a road warrior, we have unique gift ideas to suit his tastes.

2017 Father’s Day Gift Guide:ESP_fathers_day_gift_guide_ideas

Meet the Products:

#1 TravelWise Packing Cube System - 3 Piece Weekender Set | $9.95

Dad will like having his packing routine simplified with TravelWise Packing Cubes. They make it easy for him to group similarly sized items and make the most of his luggage space. These “little drawers” eliminate the need to unpack, and the mesh insert allows Dad to see exactly what is in each cube.

#2 Precision Voyager Luggage Scale | $14.95

The Dad who flies frequently can rest easy knowing that he will not have to worry about overweight luggage fees. Our Voyager Luggage Scale easily attaches to the handle of his suitcase; he simply lifts the handle and the scale beeps when the weight is registered. This compact Luggage Scale can be tossed into his bag for the return trip home.

#3 Precision Pro Digital Food Thermometer | $19.95

There is something about Dads and grills that go hand-in-hand. The Precision Pro Food Thermometer keeps Dad at the top of his cooking game with meats grilled to perfection. The 1.5 mm probe is small enough that juices stay in for a tender and flavorful meal. The anti-microbial cover comes with a built-in temperature guide right on the casing, so Dad will always know when his meat is cooked to a safe, proper temperature.

#4 Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale | $19.95

The Dad who has taken control of his diet will find the Precision Pro Kitchen Scale an indispensable tool. This kitchen scale makes it easy to measure serving sizes so Dad stays on track with his commitment to healthy eating. The Precision Pro can weigh foods up to 11 pounds and measures in ounces, pounds, grams, and kilograms.

#5 Precision Body Fat Scale Bathroom Scale | $24.95

The fitness focused, data-loving Dad will enjoy the information that the Precision Body Fat Scale provides. In addition to weight, this body analyzer measures body fat, body water, muscle mass, BMI, and bone mass using electrode technology. It also measures his estimated calorie needs for the day. After his weight is locked in, the scale beeps so Dad can hop off and read his measurements.

#6 Pull’n Slice Box Mandolin | $34.99

The Pull’n Slice Mandolin makes it easy for Dad to cut vegetables into thin, thick, or waffle-cut slices. He simply inserts the desired cutting blade into the holder and pulls the slicer. The box catches the vegetables and stores the blades when not in use. This mandolin is perfect for the Dad who likes to grill veggies or make his own baked fries and chips.

#7 Deluxe Weather Forecaster | $39.99

It’s no secret – most Dads like to know the weather forecast. The Deluxe Weather Forecaster lets him keep tabs on his environment and be prepared for any weather occurrence. This at-home weather station measures the temperature (indoor and outdoor), humidity, and barometric pressure readings in addition to a comfort index, weather forecasting icons, ice alerts, moon phases, and calendar and clock features.

#8 Beer Growler | $60

This 64 oz. Beer Growler has metal accents for a sophisticated look. Double-walled insulation keeps beer the perfect temperature whether Dad’s enjoying his beverage at home, in the backyard, or while tailgating. The hand-finished metal handle makes carrying and pouring easy.
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