7 Signs You Are Overdue for a Vacation

7 Signs You Are Overdue for a Vacation-travel
Can you remember the last time you took a real vacation? A recent study showed the average American only takes 54% of their available time off in a given year! While travel can seem frivolous or overwhelming, it’s actually a good way to develop some life/work balance and increase your well-being. Daily routines often come with stress and pressure, so it’s good to leave those worries behind and find time to rejuvenate. Travel also strengthens your bond with family and friends. The business of everyday life makes it difficult to spend quality time with loved ones. 7 Signs You Are Overdue for a Vacation-travel If you’re overdue for a vacation, don’t delay! It’s time to prepare for an adventure, or a relaxing getaway, with those who are truly important in your life. How do you know when it’s time to dust off your packing cubes and pack your bags?

#1 - You can’t remember the last time you took a vacation

You are definitely in a rut when you struggle to remember the last time you took time off to have fun. When you honestly can’t remember the last time you had a day to yourself, it’s time for a break.

precision-voyager-500x500#2 – You feel burnt-out

When you find yourself unable to complete everyday household tasks, can’t get to work on time, or stop looking forward to your favorite activities, you could be suffering from burnout. A visit to a new place can spark your creativity. Be sure to bring your Precision Voyager Luggage Scale to avoid unwanted overweight baggage fees. It’s easy to use and at only 5.5 oz it’s lightweight enough to take along for the return trip.

#3 - You are generally not feeling well

Reoccurring aches, pains, stomach problems, and headaches are all signs of tension and stress. Take some time away to regroup. Creating a wellness plan can also help you take charge of your overall well-being.

travelwise-packing-cubes-3-piece-set#4 - Your loved ones are dropping hints

Are your kids complaining that you never do anything fun anymore? Does your significant other dream of tropical sunsets and exotic beaches? Take the hint: your family wants to spend quality time with you. Make plans for a trip and start filling up your TravelWise Packing Cubes. Assigning a different color for each family member minimizes luggage while optimizing organization. No more rooting through bags to find someone’s favorite tee shirt.

#5 - You’re exhausted

You find it hard to fall asleep despite being tired. Or you feel exhausted no matter how much sleep you get. Sleep is imperative for health and mental functioning. If you can’t take a few days off, then at least try out 20 Inexpensive Ways to Treat Yourself for some much deserved self-care.

Bluetooth Precision Smart Scale and EatSmart Performance App#6 – You are neglecting self-care

When’s the last time you took an hour or two for some quality “me time”? When you aren’t making yourself a priority, you will find yourself making poor health choices. Maybe you have stopped working out or are skipping meals. Some time away can help you stop counterproductive health habits in their tracks. It could also be time to start holding yourself accountable with our Bluetooth Precision Smart Scale and EatSmart Performance App. Not only will you be able to track your weight, but you can also track muscle mass, total body water, bone mass, and body fat as well as your BMI. The scale features proprietary CalMax, which estimates the daily calories needed to be consumed to maintain or lose weight. You can read the results on your scale or you can view them on your smartphone with the Eatsmart Performance App.

#7 - You’re making mountains out of molehills

Overreacting to minor issues is a sign something is off balance. If you find yourself getting very upset over minor issues, you may need to take some time off and relax. Once your stress levels are reduced, you’ll be able to have a better perspective on life.
Travel can help you rediscover your sense of wonder and create lifelong memories. As an adult, it’s rare to try something for the first time. Travel lets you experience a sense of excitement that comes from discovering a new place or culture. It’s hard to be stressed when you are enjoying new scenery and reigniting your sense of adventure. Bottom line: if you feel like you’re living your life on autopilot, it’s time to book a trip. 7 Signs You Are Overdue for a Vacation-eatsmart You may also enjoy: How Packing Cubes Will Completely Change How You Travel.

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