8 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Healthy, Active Mom

8 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Healthy, Active Mom
The day to show Mom how much you appreciate her is right around the corner. Have you thought about a gift to show her how special she is in your life? Why not give her a present that suits her interests, saves her time, and is one she can use for years to come? Whether your Mom is always at the gym or cooking up a feast, we put together a gift guide with ideas sure to please her.

Mother's Day Gift Picks for Healthy, Active Mamas all under $60:


#1 Digital Nutrition Scale – Professional Food and Nutrient Calculator | $59.95

digital nutrition scaleThe Mom who is managing her health and that of her family will appreciate our Digital Nutrition Scale – Professional Food and Nutrient Calculator. This scale allows her to not only weigh food but it calculates the calories, carbs, fiber, sodium, fats, vitamin k and six other nutrients from thousands of packaged and 999 whole foods. It will remember up to 99 entries for daily or weekly nutrient tracking. The scale weighs up to 11 lbs. in both grams and ounces and features a tare button.

#2 Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale | $39.95

The fitness focused Mom would enjoy being able to easily measure all of her body composition stats. In addition to weight, the Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale uses ITO BIA technology to measure body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass. No more guessing if she’s losing fat or muscle or if the extra few pounds is just an increase in body water. The GetFit also features automatic user recognition and has a large, easy to read LCD display.

#3 Sandals Thermometer with Clock | $34.95

 12The Mom who loves flip flops, the pool, and all thing summer will enjoy the Polyresin Sandals Thermometer with Clock. This handy gadget features a fade and weather resistant coating which means she can hang it indoors or outdoors. It runs on only 1 AA battery and will provide accurate temperatures and time for years to come.

#4 Aerator | $30.00

For the Moms who enjoy a glass of wine after a long day, the Aerator oxygenates wine to bring out its full flavor. The cap design integrates into the top of the bottle and has a drip free spout to simplify pouring the wine. The metal accent lends an elegant touch to this functional aerator. Pair it with a bottle of her favorite wine for an indulgent gift.

#5 TravelWise Packing Cube System - 5 Piece Set | $24.95

Save Mom time and energy while she travels. Our TravelWise Packing Cube System keeps her clothes organized and wrinkle free while she’s on the road. The Packing Cubes act as small drawers and allow her to pack similarly sized items together. The mesh top makes it easy to spot exactly what she wants, without having to search.

#6 Precision Elite Thermocouple Food Thermometer | $19.95eatsmart-food-thermometer

The Mom who loves to cook a big Sunday dinner or have a crowd over for a casual barbecue would relish the ease of our Precision Elite Thermocouple Food Thermometer. No more guessing if the meat is cooked or not; the Precision Elite Food Thermometer registers the temperature of your dish in 3 seconds or less on an easy to read LCD screen. The probe is only 1.5 mm so the chicken stays juicy; the probe also folds for safety and convenience.

#7 VeggiChop Vegetable Chopper | $19.95

For the Moms who love use fresh ingredients when they cook, the VeggiChop Vegetable Chopper makes meal prep quick and easy. No more tedious hand chopping onions, nuts, fruits, or fresh vegetables. With a few pulls of the handle, ingredients are chopped as coarsely or as finely as she wants. The bowl comes with a lid to conveniently store any leftover food. No electricity is needed and the bowls and the blade are dishwasher safe.

#8 Precision Digital Kitchen Scale | $12.99

Moms who bake will love the results of their efforts when measuring ingredients by volume with our Precision Digital Kitchen Scale. This scale has a tare button allowing Mom to zero out the weight each time she adds a new ingredient. As a result, only one bowl is dirtied and cleanup is a breeze. The Digital Kitchen Scale can measure in grams, pounds and ounces and features a recessed platform to keep foods from rolling off the edge.

Which gifts will you choose for the moms in your life? Tweet us at @eatsmartscales or visit us at for more gift ideas.

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