Charity of the Month for February 2015 – Catching Up With Chromebooks!

EatSmart fans will continue to select a "Charity of the Month" in 2015. Fans will submit short stories about a charity’s mission or fundraising efforts and why it’s meaningful to them. We began our Charity of the Month donations in 2011. Catching Up With Chromebooks is high school teacher, Ms. King's technology project at Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction in New York City, NY.

Here's information on the students and the project:

My Students: In our classroom we work to develop the digital literacy skills that most of our peers take for granted, so we can be fully prepared for life after high school. With the addition of classroom Chromebooks we can overcome the digital divide! UASDC is a Title I high school located in Manhattan with students hailing from all five boroughs. Our school is majority male. The best way to describe my students is through the nickname I give them...they are my "chicken nuggets"...because there is nothing better than a chicken nugget, and there are no better kids than my kids. kingprojectLast week I had nearly twenty students in my classroom, working intently on a research project, until 5:30 at night. The 10th graders had accepted a challenge-to create a social justice documentary that highlighted a problem they saw in their communities. They researched the issue, interviewed New Yorkers on the street, and created viable solutions to the problems. Using rented iMacs students took their work and created 5 minute documentaries. Students were challenged-both by the assignment, and the skills needed to complete the task. They demonstrated academic grit as they worked together to navigate the technological challenges.
My Project: Most people assume that today's teenagers possess tons of technological skills. My students are able to text, and update Facebook, upload pictures, play games...but they struggle to send an email or add an attachment. Being able to navigate the internet in a professional manner is an important post-secondary skill, one that other students around the country take for granted. We are slowly trying to catch up, technologically, to the 21st century. In my classroom we develop the digital literacy skills that many students in the US take for granted. With the addition of Google Chromebooks we would be able to prepare for college by overcoming the digital divide. By having access to just ten Chromebooks we would be able to practice online discussion techniques, collaborative writing, and even responding professionally to teachers and peers via email. Students will be able to practice peer editing, publish and share their writing with a larger audience. Technology is something many of us take for granted today. We don't really think about the skills attached to logging on. Accessibility for many of my students is limited to a smartphone. These simple Chromebooks will help students to hone their reading and writing craft, as well as prepare them for success in the 21st century.

My students need 10 Chromebooks to develop the digital literacy skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

EatSmart is donating 50 cents for every new Facebook follower during the month of February to Ms. King's technology project, Catching Up With Chromebooks. (So spread the word!)

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About Ms. King: Ms. King is a high school teacher in NYC who loves her job and all things NYC. Outside of the classroom, she loves running and coaching new runners, and has completed the New York City Marathon twice.

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