Meet the BRAND NEW EatSmart Precision Body Check Bathroom Scale

Meet the BRAND NEW EatSmart Precision Body Check Bathroom Scale
body_check_feature We’re so excited about our new Precision Body Check Body Fat Bathroom Scale that we have to share it!

The Basics:

This bathroom scale sports a white, glass top with chrome accents and includes an oversized 3.7” x 2.2” backlit LED display. It has a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs and measures in 0.2 lb increments. It’s very sturdy with a slim profile that will fit perfectly (and look good!) in your bathroom. EatSmart-body-check-body-fat-scale

“Techy” Features:

Weight alone is not an accurate indicator of health. A body fat scale distinguishes between pounds that come from body fat and pounds that come from mass muscle and total body water. The EatSmart Precision Body Check Scale monitors 7 important health metrics including weight, BMI (Body Mass Index), body fat, muscle mass, total body water, bone mass, and estimated caloric intake, providing a complete picture of health.

Weight eatsmart-bodycheck-bodyfat-scale-weight

BMI eatsmart-bodycheck-bodyfat-scale-bmi Body Fat % eatsmart-bodycheck-bodyfat-scale-bodyfat Muscle Mass % eatsmart-bodycheck-bodyfat-scale-muscle Body Water % eatsmart-bodycheck-bodyfat-scale-water Bone Density eatsmart-bodycheck-bodyfat-scale-bonedensity Caloric Intake Calculator (Displays how many calories per day are needed to maintain your weight) eatsmart-bodycheck-bodyfat-scale-cal

Additional Features:

There's an athlete mode for very active users which providers these individuals with more accurate readings. Auto recognition software, which stores up to 8 unique user profiles, recognizes the individual user as soon as they step onto the scale.

When a weight locks in, the scale will beep allowing the user to step off and have an easy view of the readout. The Precision Body Check Scale will be available for purchase on and other major online retailers in January 2016 at a low price of only $39.95. ESP_bodycheck_pinterest

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