Healthy Time Spent with Mom

mother's day
To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked our fans to share their favorite "healthy living" activities they've done with Mom. Stories can be from past or present - but all should be examples of promoting a healthy lifestyle. We received many responses, the best of which we wanted to share with you. Perhaps, some of these stories will bring back fond memories from your childhood or maybe inspire you and Mom to start something new together. From our Fans... My mother frequently had my younger sister and I join her on an after dinner walk or bike ride around the neighborhood (I had an awesome hand-me-down banana yellow Schwinn - that's besides the point but still... it was pretty fab, haha). These outings were not only great exercise but also a great way to get to know neighbors. She would also have us prepare little baskets for May Day each year, filled with healthy snacks for our elderly home bound neighbors. Again, promoted a wonderful sense of community while learning healthy habits in the process. –Megan Crose My mother, along with my sister and her kids plus my husband and I with our kids, run a 5K race every year. –Anne Lehnick We have spent a lifetime of cooking, walking, playing, exercising, and laughing together. But, the most important thing we have done is love and respect each other which is needed for a healthy lifestyle. –Barbara Platt When I was a young teenager my mom would take me to the grocery store on Friday nights when my dad and brother were at work. When we got home we would prepare a dinner and dessert for Saturday night. Those were certainly were the days. Those Friday nights helped shape me into the cook I am today with healthy eating habits and practices that I have begun to pass along to my children. Good quality food made with healthy ingredients, most of the time! –Jeffrey Lammers I am mom. :) My daughter and I have embarked on a healthy lifestyle which includes clean(er) eating and exercise. We enjoy walks, zumba, zumba toning and recently added in pilates. My daughter will soon be a bride and I wish to look and feel good, too. –Maria Davis When I was in school my mom would help me practice for whatever sport was in season at the time. Softball, track, basketball or golf. Now we play golf together and walk our dogs together as well as sharing healthy recipes. –Stephanie Fisher Shopping! You'd be surprised at how much walking and lifting you do in a day long of shopping. –Susan Chew My mom and I just attended a Women's Health Expo put on by the local hospital. They had a doctor who talked about cancers,a dietitian giving us healthy ideas, and another speaker that talked about finding joy in your life. They also had nurses there taking our blood pressure, blood sugar, and weight. They had delicious fruit and veggie appetizers during the breaks for us. We learned a lot and just really enjoyed the morning together. –Stephanie Kako Have a Happy Mother's Day! Please share any healthy activities you have done with your Mom.

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