How Packing Cubes Will Completely Change How You Travel

How Packing Cubes Will Completely Change How You Travel
Traveling is stressful. And baggage regulations are only making it more complicated with weight restrictions, reduced space for carry-on luggage, fees for extra bags, and strict TSA rules for liquids. If you want to simplify travel, try our TravelWise Packing Cube System. These handy cubes make it easy to pack, stay organized and maximize all available space in your bag. Why not just toss clothes into the suitcase? The benefits to packing cubes are many. Once you see how they simplify your packing process, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

What are Packing Cubes?

TravelWise Packing Cubes are essentially small “drawers” made of nylon and mesh that keep your clothes contained, neat, and organized inside your luggage. They allow you to keep similarly sized items together and streamline your packing system. The mesh inserts let you see what each cube holds so you won’t need to search for missing items. You can choose our 5 Piece Weekender Set or our 3 Piece Weekender Set, depending on your needs.How Packing Cubes Will Completely Change How You Travel_BLUE

Benefits of using TravelWise Packing Cubes

Keep clothes organized

Smart-Packing-Cubes PC: A Mom's Take
You no longer need to waste time searching for the tie you need for a meeting or your bathing suit so you can immediately hit the beach. Clothes can be compartmentalized so you know exactly where everything is.

Minimize wrinkling and shifting

TravelWise-Packing-Cubes-4 PC: Photo by Britt Fracolli of Food Fun and Faraway Places
Clothes have less room to shift, and less shifting means less wrinkling. Many hotels provide irons, but who wants to spend time ironing?

Maximize space

Packing similarly sized items together makes for a more efficient use of space. The cubes also slightly compress clothing and fit into the corners of your luggage. This allows you to use every inch of space.travelwise-packing-cubes-for-travel Makes unpacking and repacking easy

There’s no need to unpack each cube at your hotel. Simply unzip the top and place them directly into the dresser drawer. When you’re ready to repack your clothes, you can designate a cube for dirty clothes.
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Offers versatility

The cubes can be used for a wide variety of items and fit in an array of bags. Toss one in a backpack or diaper bag, use one or two in carry-on luggage and a few can fit in larger suitcases.
TravelWise-Packing-Cubes-Must-Have-Organized PC: Greatly Blessed

Prevents embarrassment

Packing cubes keep items contained during random luggage checks or when you need to grab something at the airport. Clothes will no longer explode out of a tightly packed bag.How Packing Cubes Will Completely Change How You Travel_suitcase

How to best organize your cubes

How to best organize your packing cubes2 Choose your packing technique Your individual packing technique is up to you, so you can choose to fold or roll up your clothes. You want clothes, and other accessories, to fit snuggle within the cube, but be sure to avoid over-stuffing it. Combine like sized items Designate a cube for tee shirts and other similarly sized items, another bag for pants, sweaters, and jackets, and a small cube for underwear and bathing suits. Sort by usage When traveling on business and pleasure it may be easier to keep all business attire in one cube and your casual wear in another. Fitness enthusiasts may want to keep their workout gear in a separate cube. Knowing certain clothes are all in one cube can save time and energy, especially in the morning. Organize by cube color Organizing by color can work for multi-leg trip; simply designate a color for each stop. You’ll have the clothing you need for each destination. It can also work when traveling with your family. Assign each member his own color to make sharing suitcases manageable. packing-cubes-organize-by-family-member Organize by cube size The Packing Cube System 5 Piece Weekender+ Set can be used by the entire family. Mom and Dad each get a large cube, kids get a medium sized cube, and the baby’s items can be packed into the small cube. The small cube could also be used to hold toiletries and other travel necessities.
Pro tip: Use one packing cube for dirty laundry on the return trip. Why have your clean and dirty clothes jumbled together? A separate cube can keep clean items fresh.

A word of caution: While packing cubes can maximize your luggage space, you still need to keep in mind the 50 pound baggage restriction that most airlines enforce. Our Precision Voyager Luggage Scale is easy to use and can help you avoid excess baggage fees. It’s light enough to be tossed in your luggage so you can weigh your bag for the return trip as well.EatSmart Precision Voyager Luggage Scale - the Box Are you traveling by airplane? You may also enjoy reading Top Packing Tips for Air Travelers – How to Pack Successfully Every Flight.

Head on over and get your Packing Cubes before your next trip. TRAVEL-MUST-HAVE-TRAVELWISE-PACKING-CUBES-NEWCOLORS2017

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