Special Time Spent with Dad

fathers day
To celebrate Father's Day, we asked our fans to share special ways they've spent the day with Dad. Stories can be from past or present. We received many responses, the best of which we wanted to share with you. Perhaps, some of these stories will bring back fond memories from your childhood or maybe inspire you and Dad to start something new together. From our Fans He gets breakfast in bed. We eat and watch TV together. We have a party for him with the kids in the back yard. Time for eating and playing. Swimming, grilling and playing ball. Just good fun with the kids and grandkids. - Barbara Platt I always get him a Charleston chew candy bar and Coke to remind him of the Sunday afternoons we would spend together after church watching Solid Gold and enjoying this, his favorite treat. I also have him over for a home cooked meal and just hang out with him on his special day. - Amy Lammers I always make brunch at our home for all the Dad's and Grandpa's in the family. The kids love decorating their chairs and making them personalized place mats with their drawings on construction paper. - Christina Graham We used to gift him with the tackiest tie. But we never bought the tie, it was something we had made. Then we made him wear it to church. I know my daddy was a good man, because he never once complained about wearing it and always showed it off with pride! - January Bennett My Father and i spend the day fishing together and catching up and in the evening a BBQ with the family. :) - Mike McGee My Dad and I have always enjoyed having pancakes for dinner on Father's Day. It started when I was 7 and wanted to make him something special for dinner...of course the only thing I was allowed to make were pancakes on the griddle. It's a tradition that's stuck around.... - Linda My Dad and I may go see a theater production for father's day. We are both in theater and enjoy seeing it when we aren't currently involved in a production. - Shane Russell We love to go for drives and look for animals. - Megan McKean Have a Happy Father's Day! Please share any fun things you're doing with Dad this year.

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