The Ultimate Health and Wellness Gift Guide

The Ultimate Health and Wellness Gift Guide-eatsmart
The Ultimate Health and Wellness Gift Guide-eatsmart Are you searching for holiday gifts with a healthy twist? It’s time to start checking boxes off your shopping list, as we have selected our most popular gifts for the health and wellness enthusiasts in your life. These unique gifts will encourage your loved ones to put their well-being first, especially during the hectic holiday season. As an added bonus, every product is under $60! The Ultimate Health and Wellness Gift Guide-eatsmart-products.png

Bluetooth Precision Smart Scale and EatSmart Performance App | $49.99Bluetooth Precision Smart Scale and EatSmart Performance App

For the Fit Techie The EatSmart Bluetooth Precision Smart Scale is the fitness enthusiast’s ultimate accountability partner. In addition to weight, it quickly calculates BMI and daily calories needed to maintain or lose weight. It also measures body fat, body water, muscle mass, and bone mass. By integrating with our Performance App, Bluetooth technology automatically transmits the data from each weigh-in for up to 8 users.

calpal -bathroom-scale-photoCalPal Digital Bathroom Scale | $35

For the Health Conscious The CalPal Scale is ideal for someone who has recently committed to living a healthier lifestyle. It calculates BMI (Body Mass Index) and estimates the appropriate number calories a person can consume in a given day to maintain their current weight. The CalPal Digital Scale also features include auto-recognition software, storing data for up to 4 users.

EatSmart Precision Baby Check ScaleBaby and Pet Check Scale | $59.99

For New Parents New parents often wonder if their baby is eating enough breastmilk or formula. The only way to know is to monitor the baby’s weight gain. The Baby and Pet Check Scale allows parents to easily monitor the growth of their baby at home. The Memory Recall remembers past weigh-ins and saves current weight, so parents can track progress. The tare function deducts the weight of a toy, diaper, or blanket for accurate readings.

EatSmart Digital Nutrition ScaleDigital Nutrition Scale | $59.95

For the Macro Counter The macro counter will LOVE the Digital Nutrition Scale. This handy companion calculates the calories, carbs, fiber, sodium, fats, vitamin k and six other nutrients from thousands of packaged and 999 whole foods. It remembers up to 99 daily or weekly entries, making tracking essential proteins, carbs, and fats a snap. It weighs up to 11 lbs in both ounces and grams. The tare function allows you to zero out the weight of a bowl, plate, or previous ingredients.

Precision Digital Kitchen Scale Meal PrepPrecision Digital Kitchen Scale | $9.95

For the Meal Prepper Does your family member devote a few hours to prepping meals for the week? The Precision Digital Kitchen Scale makes this task much easier. The recessed platform contains foods when weighing and the scale automatically shuts off after not in use for 1-minute. The tare feature allows the meal prep fan to cut down on dishes used by simply zeroing out the previous ingredients as well as the weight of the bowl or plate.

Elite Thermocouple Digital Food ThermometerElite Thermocouple Digital Food Thermometer | $34.95

For the Home Chef Do you know someone who loves creating elaborate meals? The Elite Thermocouple Food Thermometer takes the guess work out of knowing when a meat or fish dish is cooked to perfection. Rather than slicing into a roast, the home chef can simply insert the tip of the thermometer into the food, then wait 7 seconds or less for an accurate reading. The 1.5mm step-down tip ensures all juices stay inside for a flavorful dish.

travelwise-packing-cubes-3-piece-set3-Piece Packing Cube Set | $14.95

For the Gym Devotee The gym devotee loves to be able to hit the gym whenever they have free time. The 3-Piece Packing Cube Set is perfect for ensuring that gym essentials are always packed and ready to go. It can be kept in the car for impromptu workouts as well as tossed in a suitcase to have handy while traveling. The breathable mesh panels allow air to flow through, making it convenient to transport sweaty clothes back home.

TAYLOR-DELUXE WEATHER FORECASTERDigital Deluxe Weather Forecaster | $47.99

For the Family on the Go Getting the entire family dressed and out the door can be a major challenge. The Digital Deluxe Weather Forecaster helps parents figure out how to dress everyone to keep them comfortable throughout the day. The forecaster records the weather, humidity, and barometric pressure, so you know if a sweater, boots, or an umbrella is necessary.

Taylor Dual Event Timer | $15.79

For the Multi-Tasker Whether your favorite multi-tasker is cooking multiple items or working on two projects, the dual event timer keeps them on track. It allows the user to program two events at the same time, allowing seamless multitasking. Each timing event can be programmed up to 23 hours, 59 minutes and has a unique alarm ring.

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