Top 5 Tricks For A Healthier HALLOWEEN

Top 5 Tricks For A Healthier HALLOWEEN

Let's be honest -- I have never come across a kid that likes getting an apple or box of raisins when trick or treating. They are looking for the candy--the more the better. At days end, parents take on the task of eliminating anything suspicious or not properly sealed but the kids are still left with way too much candy. Bribery sometimes works in buying back part of the haul or you can try guilting the kids into donating a large portion to the local food bank for inclusion in Thanksgiving baskets. The question still remains---How to keep Halloween fun but with a healthy twist...........

halloween treats Below are 5 practical tips from nutritionists on how to decrease the overall calorie load in the kiddies Trick-or-Treat bags. pumpkin 1 Fun Substitutes: Instead of candy, hand out stickers, tattoos, mini Play-Doh containers, colorful pencils or glow-in-the-dark necklaces. These items may be more expensive but the extra cost goes a long way in easing up on the overall sugar intake! pumpkin 2Think Lollipops--Yes, they are all sugar but they take a lot longer to eat and one should satisfy them for quite a while.

pumpkin 3Organic Chocolate--Incorporate the health benefits of dark chocolate into the Halloween festivities. Many commercial chocolate bars lose the health benefits found in flavonoids during processing. Consider giving a small square of organic dark chocolate that retains its healthful nutrients (antioxidants) and tastes sooooooooooo good!

pumpkin 4 Think Less Decadent Candies--Peppermint patties, pumpkins peeps, jolly-ranchers, twizzlers, gummy bears--all boast lower fat content and lasting flavor. pumpkin 5 Think Bite Size--Avoid handing out full size candy bars--buy their bite-size cousins. A couple of pieces will do just fine, not handfuls for visiting Trick or Treaters. Also, snack size packs of pretzels, goldfish and cheez-its can be an added treat to lunch boxes.

bag of candy

Enjoy and have a Frightfully Delightful Halloween!

About the Author: Maria Geronimo is the Public Relations Director at EatSmart Products.

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