11 Ways to Walk More on National Walking Day

ESP_walk_more_pinterest We spend more time sitting than ever before. Whether it’s at work, on our commute, or home in front of the computer, this sedentary lifestyle is having negative effects on our health. Studies continue to prove “sitting is the new smoking” and can even lead to a shorter lifespan! The American Heart Association has declared the first Wednesday in April National Walking Day. To celebrate, all you need to do is lace up comfortable shoes and walk for 30-minutes. Walking is great for your health, and you don’t need any fancy equipment or trendy fitness gear. Does finding 30-minutes to walk on a regular basis seem impossible? We have some easy and fun ways to get more walking into your day.
  1. Walk and talk. Need to return some calls? Catch up on your calls while taking a walk.
  2. Always opt for the stairs. Skip the elevator and the escalators and walk up the stairs instead.
  3. Walk the dog. Rather than let Fido run in the backyard, take him for a walk. You’ll both enjoy the fresh air and exercise.
  4. Skip the coffee shop or happy hour at the bar. Instead of sitting in a restaurant, head to the park for a catch-up session with your friends.
  5. Walk at lunchtime. Get away from your desk and clear your head with a lunchtime walk. You can walk with friends or take some time for yourself.
  6. Park further away. Whether you’re shopping or in the parking lot at work, choose a spot far away from the entrance to give you more time to walk
  7. Get off a stop or two early. Commute via train or bus? Get off a stop or two earlier than you need to and walk the rest of the way.
  8. Go see your colleague. Rather than sending an email or calling your co-worker with a question get up and walk to his or her desk. Bonus if she works on another floor and you take the stairs!
  9. Create active family time. Get everyone together for a walk after dinner, rather than sitting down in front of the TV.
  10. Do your errands on foot. Do you need to hit some local stores or pick up dinner? Leave the car at home and walk instead.
  11. Treat yourself to a pedometer. Invest in your health and keep yourself accountable by tracking how many steps you take per day.
ESP_walk_more_tips Do you have some creative tips on fitting more walking into your busy day? Share them with us on Twitter at @Eatsmartscales.

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