9 “Must-Haves” for a Healthier New Year

9 “Must-Haves” for a Healthier New Year
Did you make a resolution to start the New Year on a healthier note? It’s an annual tradition for many, yet surveys show that only 55% of people stick with their resolutions through January! Change is never easy, so we’ve compiled a list of “must-haves” to help make your resolution stick.

EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale

The EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale will keep you motivated throughout the New Year. It displays the users’ current weight, weight change from the previous weigh in and total change from starting weight. The unique touch screen interface and automatic user recognition make it very user friendly. $44.95

Chef’n SaladShears Salad Chopper

Prepare a nutritious, delicious chopped salad in minutes with Chef’n SaladShears Salad Chopper. The chopper’s scissor-like design cuts and shears lettuce into perfect bite-sized pieces, while the nylon blades prevent wilting. $29.99

Meal Kit Home Delivery

Companies like Blue Apron, Plated and HelloFresh will send you all the ingredients you need for a fresh, home-cooked meal. Their services are ideal for anyone who would like to cook more at home, but is short on time or wants to learn new recipes. Ingredients are pre-measured there’s less food waste. Prices vary.

EatSmart Precision Body Check Bathroom Scale

The EatSmart Precision Body Check Bathroom Scale does so much more than a standard bathroom scale. In addition to calculating weight, it estimates six other important health metrics: BMI (Body Mass Index), body fat, muscle mass, total body water, bone mass, and daily caloric intake. You’ll get a more complete picture of your health and fitness progress with the Body Check. $39.95

Rabbit Citrus Juicer

Start your day with fresh squeezed juice from the Rabbit Citrus Juicer. This manual juicer is easy to operate and won’t impart bitter oils from the fruit peels the way an electric juicer can. $50

EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale – Digital Food and Nutrient Calculator

If eating healthier is your priority, our EatSmart Digital Nutrition Scale can help. It analyzes the nutritional content of any food, by portion size. The database stores nutritional values for approximately 1,000 foods and can calculate the nutritional content for any food with a USDA nutrition label. $69.95

Chef’n SpinCycle Salad Spinner

Eating healthy is so much easier when foods are clean and ready to eat. The Chef'n SpinCycle Salad Spinner quickly cleans a head of lettuce and then conveniently stores it. The spinner is perfect for a grab-and-go lunch or side dish. $29.99

Healthy Snack Box Subscription

With a monthly subscription, companies such as Bestowed, NatureBox and Love With Food will send a box of healthy snacks directly to your home. Having healthy snacks on hand prevents you from diving into that bag of chips. Prices start at $10/month.

Houdini Wine Preserver

A glass of red wine can be part of a healthy diet. Enjoy a sensible glass with dinner, and then preserve the rest of the bottle with the Houdini Wine Preserver. It removes air from the bottle to keep your wine tasting fresh and delicious. $12 Which product will help you reach your goals in the New Year? Share with us @EatSmartScales. ESP_must_have_kitchen_gadgets_for_healthy_new_year_list

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