A Success Story - Joe and the EatSmart Precision Tracker Bathroom Scale

Joseph Origoni is a senior at St. Thomas Aquinas College and a valued EatSmart employee. Recently, Joe decided to improve his physical condition by losing some excess weight and exercising on a more regular basis. He has already lost over 10 lbs and attributes much of his success to using the EatSmart Precision Tracker Bathroom Scale.

joeand the trackerbathroomscale

We sat Joe down and asked that he share some tips on his weight loss success:

What was the motivation that got you started working towards a healthier lifestyle? I am 21 and I just kept putting on weight year after year and I wanted to make myself feel better and look better. I also knew it was just going to get harder to lose weight as I got older. I would step on the Tracker when I came to work and seeing the small improvements gave me the motivation to say no to all the carbohydrates and sweets that were calling my name. After daily exercise, cutting back on sweets and eating proper portions are what made the biggest difference in losing the weight.

Being an EatSmart employee, you could have used any one of our bathroom scales, why did you choose the Precision Tracker? I chose the Tracker for two reasons. One, it was the newest product here at EatSMart and I really wanted to put it to the test. The second reason was to see just how much weight I could lose by using this scale and so far to date, I have lost 12 pounds within 3 months.

What is your favorite feature of the Precision Tracker Bathroom Scale? My favorite feature of the Tracker is that it will tell me exactly how much weight I have lost in total. It’s nice that I don’t have to remember my starting weight and subtract against the new one. The Tracker just does it for me. Please share with us an easy to implement lifestyle changes that led to your success. The main lifestyle changes that I have made are that I make it mandatory to go to the gym or exercise at least 4 to 5 days a week, even if it’s only for 30 minutes. I joined a gym, made a good music playlist, and set off on my weight loss mission. I also dramatically changed my diet. No more sugar filled soda, now it’s just water or unsweetened tea. I only use low-fat milk in my coffee, no more cream. Also bread intake was a big problem, I consumed way too much at a meal; now I limit myself to one slice, minus the butter. Another problem was eating late at night before bed, like a late night snack or late dessert. I have cut this out completely from my diet. Losing weight can be the "easy" part- do you have a maintenance plan to stay healthy? I’m sure that when the dieting is over I’ll have a few sweets here and there but I plan to stick with my gym regimen. I don’t really miss the sweets or the soda so I’m ok with going without them for a long time. I’m much happier maintaining a healthy diet and feeling the benefits. I finally feel fit and understand that this is the right path for me.

You can find the Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale on for $44.95.

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