Crust-less Quiche

Crust-less Quiche
  • Manzanillo Variety Fall Harvest Olive Oil 2 Tablespoons
  • Garlic, minced 1 Tablespoon
  • Baby Spinach, Chiffonade 1 Cup
  • Zucchini, 1/4 inch dice 1/2 Cup
  • Onion, White 1/4 inch dice 1/4 Cup
  • Bell Pepper, Orange, 1/4 inch dice 1/4 Cup
  • Salt, Kosher 1/2 Teaspoon
  • Pepper, freshly ground 1/4 Teaspoon
  • Cilantro, fine chop 1 Tablespoon
  • Low-fat Mozzarella Cheese 1 Cup
  • Egg Beaters 2 Cups
Method of Preparation:
  1. Gather all ingredients and equipment.
  2. Heat oven to 350 degrees F
  3. Heat a large skillet over medium heat and add olive oil.
  4. Add garlic and spinach and sautee until spinach is wilted, about 3 minutes.
  5. Add zucchini, onion, and bell pepper. Continue to sautee for an additional 2 minutes or until onion is translucent.
  6. Season with salt and pepper.
  7. Either divide vegetable mixture evenly into 4 ramekins or into a large 9 inch round baking dish (pie dish, cake pan, etc.)
  8. In a medium bowl add eggs and remaining salt and pepper, mix well (if using whole eggs, if not proceed to step 9)
  9. Top vegetables evenly with cilantro, mozzarella cheese and egg beaters. Season with remaining salt and pepper if desired.
  10. Bake until eggs have set in the center (about 25-30 minutes for the ramekins depending on their size or 45-60 minutes for a 9 inch pan).
  11. Remove from oven and drizzle lightly with Manzanillo Variety Fall Harvest Olive Oil
Chef Notes:
  1. You can add this to a crust as well and you can use whatever fillings you choose: mushrooms, ham, kale, etc.
  2. You can substitute the egg beaters for whole eggs and use 6-8 eggs.
About the Author: Jenny Manseau is a Chef, Culinary Nutrition student and author of the blog Creative Cooking Gluten Free. Jenny created her website after being diagnosed in 2008 with Celiac Disease and takes many “regular” every day recipes and alters them to the gluten-free diet.

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