Donate and Educate the Children

In addition to our Charity of the Month, EatSmart will often make donations of bathroom and kitchen scales to worthwhile organizations whose focus is on healthy eating and lifestyles. One such program is the Luces de Cambio, an obesity prevention program for Mexican-American and other Latino youth, ages 6-9 years, based in San Diego, California. The main goal of the program is to combat childhood obesity by promoting healthy eating and physical activity. Their focus is on Mexican-American and Latino children as they strive to teach them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle starting at a young age, so that they grow up to be healthy adults. Obesity is arguably the single biggest health threat to America’s children. It is a special problem for Mexican-American and other Latino youth due in part to poverty, acculturation, genetic predisposition and other factors. By teaching the children and their families, Luces de Cambio hopes to bring a sense of unity at the dinner table so children can gain an understanding into the importance of healthy eating. EatSmart was contacted by the programs coordinator, Mara Sanchez, asking if we would be able to offer our support and we were happy to contribute two EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scales. The scales will be used at a large community clinic to educate families on the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight.

What tips do you have to help educate children about obesity?

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