EatSmart Products 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

EatSmart Products 2012 Holiday Gift Guide
eatsmartholidaygiftguide2012Not sure what to get someone this Holiday Season? Look no further! Here at EatSmart, we've created our own gift guide to help you match everyone on your Holiday list with the perfect gift to live healthier and happier.

EatSmart Precision Elite Digital Kitchen Scale


The Precision Elite is the perfect kitchen tool for anyone who cooks, bakes or counts calories. The stainless steel platform provides ample space to accommodate large mixing bowls and its 15lb capacity is capable of handling any job in the kitchen. Using the Precision Elite, accurate measurement of ingredients is simple and its sleek, modern design fits perfectly in any home.

Buy the Precision Elite for only $39.95 on

EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale


For those committed to a healthy lifestyle and love using the latest technology to meet their goals, this scale is for you. Whether you are looking to gain or lose, this high-tech gadget is an essential tool in weight management. At each weigh in, the scale will display three readings: current weight, weight change from the last weigh in, and total change from starting weight. The Precision Tracker gives users the ability to work towards long term weight goals, while monitoring short term progress — often the motivational tool needed to achieve success.

Thinking of running a family 'biggest loser' contest? This scale privately stores personal data for up to 8 users and automatically identifies the person standing on the scale.

Buy the Precision Tracker for only $44.95 on

EatSmart Precision GetFit Digital Body Fat Scale

holidaygiftideafitnessenthusiast The Precision GetFit allows users to quickly and easily measure their body weight, % of body fat, % muscle mass, % total body water and bone mass using new ITO BIA technology. Being aware of body composition is an important way to monitor your health and with the Precision GetFit Body Fat Scale, you are able to do this in the privacy of your own home.

Any fitness enthusiast knows, weight is more than a number, so seeing your muscle increase and body fat decrease provides continued motivation and accountability. The athlete in your life will love this scale because it allows them to monitor body fat and hydration levels, which aids in training for any competition.

Buy the Precision GetFit for only $54.95 on

EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale


The Precision Voyager Luggage Scale is ideal for the traveler in your life, from the casual vacationer to the frequent flyer. This savvy gadget can eliminate some of those tricky add-on fees and save travelers money by avoiding overweight baggage charges. Know your luggage is under the weight limit before you leave home and avoid the embarrassment of re-packing luggage at the baggage counter.

The Precision Voyager allows users to quickly and easily weigh luggage up to 110 pounds/ 50 kilograms. Simply clip the scale’s handle to your suitcase or bag, lift and the weight appears almost instantly. Its compact, durable design allows travelers to place it in their suitcase and bring with them on their journey.

Buy the Precision Voyager for only $19.95 on

What EatSmart Products will you add to your Wish List?

About the Author: Karen Welby is the Marketing Director of EatSmart Products. Outside of EatSmart, she is a certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer.

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