How to Stay Fit Working From Home

Goodbye commute and hello home office! Sounds perfect, right? While you can work in your pajamas and avoid rush hour traffic, it will take extra effort to maintain your fitness from home. Without coworkers to visit, meetings to attend, coffee breaks and walks to lunch, you might hardly move all day. With recent research proving how a sedentary lifestyle is very bad for your health, you will need a work from home health and fitness routine that sets you up for success. Here are 10 health tips to keep you fit while working from home:

Daily walks before and after work

It’s easy to forget how much time you “have back” from not commuting so take advantage of it! In place of a commute, take a walk before you sit down to work. When you’re done for the day, head out the door and do a 15-minute walk to detox from sitting at the computer.

Create a weekly schedule

On Sunday evening, update your calendar for the week. Whether you have an actual planner or an online calendar, “pencil” in professional and personal obligations first. Just as you would schedule a meeting, add your exercise sessions to best fit the upcoming week.

Set a countdown timer

Use your phone or Google timer to establish a set period of time to focus on work. Always set the clock/timer to countdown the duration of time you plan to work. Inc. Magazine stated studies show the ideal amount of time for maximum productivity is 52 minutes followed by a 17 minute break. During the break, be sure to move and stretch.

Make a quick, healthy lunch

There’s no excuses here! With your full kitchen a few steps away, you can easily throw together a nutritious lunch in just a couple of minutes. For easy to make, healthy lunch ideas, click here.

Set work-life boundaries

Always track your hours and keep yourself accountable. Try not to let work bleed over into your personal time, or vice versa. Don’t feel guilty that you work from home and try to do more to compensate.

Make a “To Do” list the night before

Take 5-minutes before bed to write a task list for the next day. This will help you prioritize what needs to be accomplished and leave you with more time for exercising, cooking dinner and other healthy habits.

Keep nutritious snacks on hand

precision-pro-white-chromeSince you don’t have to pack a lunch and snacks, it’s easy to grab the pretzels and eat straight from the bag. Studies prove mindless eating leads to weight gain so try to only buy nutritious snacks and use your EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale to measure out proper portion sizes. PRO TIP: Measure out correct portion sizes and make your own 100 calorie packs of snacks.

Get a pedometer

Most people with desk jobs aren’t moving too much throughout the day. Pedometers and fitness trackers are worn on the wrist, and they’re able to track steps taken, calories burned, sleep schedules and more. Some trackers even alert you if you’ve been stationary too long, reminding you to stand up and move.

Always walk and talk

If you have conference calls or phone meetings, always try to take them standing up.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep kills both your productivity and your motivation to exercise. When your rejuvenated and well rested, you are able to perform your work in a focused, timely manner and have energy to exercise.

How do you stay fit working remotely? Please share your top tips with us on Twitter @eatsmartscales.

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