Introducing the Precision Power Battery Free Digital Scale

We are excited to introduce the brand new EatSmart Precision Power Battery Free Digital Scale. Rather than relying on battery power, the scale features unique "Step-On" Self Powered Technology. Each time the center button is pressed, the scale uses magnetic friction to automatically charge itself, making it the most environmentally friendly choice in bathroom scales. Most scales are powered by standard, single-use batteries. Do you know how long it takes batteries to break down in a landfill? Anywhere from 100 to 1,000 years! Simply press the center button with your toe and step on the scale. It's that easy. One press of the button supplies the scale with power for 50 seconds. This scale is ready to go whenever you are ready to weigh in.

Say "goodbye" to batteries once and for all!

The slim, ergonomic design fits perfectly in any surrounding, and its tempered safety glass platform weighs up to 330 pounds to the nearest 0.2 lbs.

Here's the front of the box: precision-power-battery-free-bath-scale-frontof-box

Here's the back of the box: precision-power-battery-free-bath-scale-backofbox

What's in the box:

precision-power-battery-free-bath-scale-insidethebox Inside the box, you will find the bathroom scale, an instruction manual and customer satisfaction guarantee.

Four EatSmart precision sensors: precision-power-battery-free-bath-scale-feet2

Four EatSmart precision sensors in each foot of the scale ensure accurate measurements in 0.2 lb or 0.1 kg increments.

Two measurement modes: precision-power-battery-free-bath-scale-unit

You can easily switch between pounds and kilograms by pushing the unit button on the back of the scale.

Height of the scale: precision-power-battery-free-bath-scale-size

The platform sits approximately 1.25 inches off of the ground. For context of the scale’s size, here it is next to a quarter.

Push Power Technology:

LCD screen:lcd_screen_to_scale-eatsmart_precision_power_battery_free_scale

The scale’s LCD display is 3”x 1.5". For context of the display, here's the LCD screen next to a quarter. The Precision Power gives instant readings using EatSmart “Step-On” Power Generation Technology and will automatically turn off.

Sleek design:

precision-power-battery-free-bath-scale-inuseThis bathroom scale features a black-backed, tempered glass platform and 12.58″x 10.25″ base. The scale itself weighs in at only 3.4 lbs and looks great in any surroundings. precision-power-battery-free-bath-scale-inbathroom

Features include:

battery_free_amazon_bubbles As with all EatSmart scales, the Precision Power includes our 100% satisfaction guarantee and two-year warranty.

Click here to purchase the scale for only $39.95.


Do you have any questions about our new Precision Power Bathroom Scale? Please tweet them to us @eatsmartscales. We’re here to help!

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