Top Packing Tips for Air Travelers – How to Pack Successfully Every Flight

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, plans are being made to fly home to share the holiday with family and friends. Needless to say, flying during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays can be challenging. We’ve compiled a list of our Top Packing Tips to help you better prepare and eliminate some of the stress associated with air travel - any time of the year.

Determine the airline's baggage policy

Before arriving at the airport, check with your airline or travel agent to determine the airline's baggage policy, including number of pieces you can bring and size and weight limitations. Many airlines now charge a fee for every checked bag or have lowered the maximum permitted weight limits for checked luggage. You can avoid paying exorbitant overweight baggage fees by using an EatSmart Precision Voyager Luggage Scale. This scale allows users to quickly and easily weigh luggage up to 110 pounds. top-travel-tips-for-flying

Place colorful ID tags on all of your baggage

Many suitcases look very much alike. To avoid a mix-up between your luggage and that of another passenger, place colorful ID tags with your name, address and phone number on all of your baggage, including your laptop computer. It is a good idea to place an identification tag inside your baggage as well.

Liquids must be in clear, 3.4 ounce bottles or checked

You may not pack liquid or gel substances in your carry-on unless they are in individual containers of 3.4 ounces or less and enclosed in one clear, quart-size, plastic, zip-top bag per passenger. Any larger containers of liquids and gels must be packed in your checked luggage.

Utilize interior luggage space to the max

To limit the pieces of luggage, use TravelWise Packing Cubes to stay organized and utilize interior luggage space to the max. The TravelWise Durable 3 piece weekender set works great in your carry on and the 5 piece Weekender PLUS set is perfect for longer trips away from home. Lightweight and durable, the nylon cubes come in three sizes that store a lot of clothes when rolled and smartly placed in the packing cubes. You arrived top-travel-tips-for-flying-1for posts(7)

Secure your bags with TSA-approved locks only

Only use TSA-approved locks to secure your checked bags; otherwise, if your bag is selected for random screening, agents will have to break the lock to get inside.

Leave hazardous or prohibited materials at home

Certain items are allowed in checked bags but not in carry-on luggage. These include box cutters, scissors, knives, baseball bats, golf clubs, pool cues, realistic replicas of weapons, self-defense sprays, hammers and other tools. A complete list of prohibited and restricted items can be found at

Keep all valuables in your carry-on luggage

Any valuables, including cash, traveler's checks, laptop computers or other electronics, jewelry, prescription medication or items of sentimental value, should be packed in your carry-on luggage. Stow them in small bag that fits under your seat, close at hand.

Safe travels!

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