What is so beneficial about Hemp Milk and Almond Milk?

What is so beneficial about Hemp Milk and Almond Milk?

Have you wondered what is so beneficial about hemp milk or almond milk? In general they are pretty much the same in the way they are processed; blended up with water added to the consistency of your liking. But their actual components is what separates the two.

Hemp Milk

It’s funny when hemp milk is mentioned to someone who does not know about the benefits of it. People automatically get an image of the 60’s and envision marijuana leaves.

It is easier to digest for those that are lactose “intolerant”. Also lacks the common allergens that can cause things such as gastric distress to migraines to anaphylactic shock. Sadly all of those allergens are found in cow’s milk. See that should be reason enough to look outside the box.

A single 8 ounce glass of hemp milk contains 900 mg Omega 3 Fatty Acids and 2800 mg Omega 6 Fatty Acids. What is so great about Omega fatty acids? They are fabulous for improving our immune function, organ function, having better skin, nails and improving our brainy function too.

Best of all hemp milk gives your immune system a run for its’ money and that just means you will be healthier then the next person! Also it tastes delis! It is thicker than regular milk which is fine by me especially when I mix up my protein powder with it. The “nutty” flavor it has is just an added bonus to me.

Almond Milk:

Almond’s are rich in Vitamin E which has a vital hand in maintaining the cells in our bodies. The magnesium keeps our bones and teeth healthy. The potassium maintains our blood pressure, while the unsaturated fats reduce heart disease risk. And the best part, the are low in calories, fats and even provide energy for our bodies.

The downside to almond milk is that it can contain some chemicals that have been linked to causing issues with the thyroid. Additionally, almond milk is inclined to have artificial thickeners and sweeteners in them. The additional ingredients up the sugar and carb content as well as the calories. If you solely drink almond milk you should seriously consider where you are getting your protein from and make sure you are getting enough from the other sources.

Have you made the switch yet? Have you tried different types of milk alternatives, what did you think?

About the Author: Chelle is a momma to 6 kids and married to a U.S. Veteran turned long haul trucker. Currently living in Coastal Oregon she is the author of Oh just stop already. Blogging about her journey to find a balance of health, fitness and raising a chaotic family.

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