How to Stick to Healthy Habits While on Vacation

healthy eating habits while on vacation
Are you looking forward to some well-deserved time off this summer? Vacations are an excellent way to rest, relax, and recharge your batteries. At the same time, it’s important to maintain healthy habits during your trip. While a few indulgences won’t derail your health and fitness, we have a few tips to help keep you on the right track.

Take before and after measurements

body fat scaleTake your body composition measurements before and after your trip with our EatSmart Precision Body Fat Scale. It measures muscle, body water and body fat percentage. If you’ve gained weight during the trip, compare your before-and-after body water percentages to better understand the source of the weight gain. In addition, the Body Fat Scale will provide estimated daily calorie needs to help you stay on track while traveling for a lengthy period of time.

Bring fitness gear

packing cube 1000 Designate one of your EatSmart TravelWise Packing Cubes for workout clothes, swimsuits and sneakers while packing. Then, start each day with exercise, which will help keep you energized throughout the day. Going for a walk, run or a bike ride with the family is also an excellent way to take in the local sites.

Have an airport survival plan

Airport food is rarely delicious or healthy. Improve your options with some snacks from home or purchase familiar, healthy food in the terminal. Oatmeal, yogurt with fruit, green salads and grilled chicken are all healthy options.

Start with a healthy breakfast

precision pro scale Choose a healthy breakfast to start your day off right. Even quick buffets generally have some healthy choices. You can enjoy hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, whole grain cereal, yogurt and even a slice or two of turkey bacon. Our EatSmart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale is lightweight and easy to bring along for when you want to measure your portions, especially if you are renting a home or condo.

Treat yourself

Vacation means some indulgences along the way. Decide what your special meal or treat will be for the day and let yourself go. Try the chowder in a bread bowl while in San Francisco or indulge in pasta and gelato during your trip to Italy. Enjoy your treat and be sure to make healthier choices the rest of the day.

Drink lots of water

A day of fun in the sun, running around, overeating, drinking daiquiris or making poor food choices can leave you dehydrated. Be sure to always carry a water bottle with you and drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Also, it’s common to mistake feelings of thirst for feelings of hunger, leading to extra calorie consumption. A great rule to follow when drinking alcohol is to drink a glass of water immediately following every alcoholic beverage imbibed. travelwise voyager luggage scale Pro travel tip: Worried about your suitcase exceeding the airline’s weight limit? Weigh your luggage before you head off to the airport with the EatSmart Voyager Luggage Scale to prevent excess baggage fees. You can be easily derailed from your healthy habits on vacation. With a little planning ahead, you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest while still maintaining your health and fitness regime. Do you have healthy travel tips that you would like to share? Tweet them to us at @eatsmartscales. healthy habits while on vacation

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