Tips to Keep Active During Cold Winter Months

Tips to Keep Active During Cold Winter Months
Does the thought of working out in the winter make you want to roll over and pull the blankets back up? It can be hard to get up and moving when it’s dark and cold out. Yet, exercise needs to be consistent in order for it to be effective. It also keeps you healthy in the winter by boosting your immune system. So how do you motivate yourself and stick with a fitness plan when the temperatures plummet? We have put together our top tips to help you get out there!Tips to Keep Active During Cold Winter Months

Eight tips to help you stay active during the winter months:

1) Set a goal that will motivate and give you focus. Pick a race, charity walk or a competition that is far enough out so you can properly train for it. Having a goal to work toward will give you a reason to exercise regularly. 2) Find a training partner or group to work out with and hold you accountable. Having people who share your interest and count on you to work out with them will get you moving on those evenings you are contemplating skipping exercise. 3) Encourage your friends and family to move with you - they’re a great support system. It’s also fun to connect over fitness activities such as hiking or biking instead of meeting up for the usual lunch, dinner or happy hour. 4) Monitor your progress! The Precision GetFit Body Fat Scale will show you the weight and body fat that you've lost as well as the muscle you've gained. It’s motivating to see the pounds come off and the muscle build. 5) Schedule your workouts in advance and make them non-negotiable. Block off time in your calendar just as you would a doctor's appointment. Plan what days and times you will work out every Sunday evening for the following week. 6) Switch to an indoor workout. Pick an activity you enjoy at a gym or studio that’s convenient for you. When something is enjoyable and easily accessible, you are much more likely to keep doing it. 7) Beat boredom by mixing up your workouts. Take a different class, change your running route, or train with someone new. Even walking your route in reverse makes it feel fresh. Keep your workouts fun and you will look forward to them. 8) Go play! Take advantage of your favorite winter sports that only come around once a year. Ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing and sledding can all be fun activities that don’t even feel like exercise. As a reminder, check with your doctor before starting a new fitness program. Remember to ease into your routine and build up as you go. We want you to stay fit during the winter - not injured or burned out.

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